Terra Aventura

Terra Aventura En Pays LouudunaisTerra Aventura En Pays Louudunais
©Terra Aventura En Pays Louudunais
By bike
With family and friends

A surprising treasure hunt full of surprises!

Tèrra Aventura is inspired by Géocaching. It’s a treasure hunt that takes place outdoors, using a hiking GPS or a mobile app.
Enigmas to solve, clues to pick up, treasures to search for…
Come and discover the three routes in Loudunais, with different themes:

  • “literature”
  • “wines and spirits”
  • “around water”
  • “cycling”

This tourist activity is ideal for families and friends. ☀

La Grande Buée



In Moncontour in 1569, the Catholic forces of King Charles IX, under the command of the Duc d’Anjou, were preparing for battle against Protestant troops led by Gaspard de Coligny. On the eve of this historic battle, the admiral went to the inn that has since been named after him. There, he fine-tunes his battle plan in the company of his generals, before the confrontation scheduled for first light.

For great ills, great remedies



With Renaudot, we discover an eventful history in the 17th century that Renaudot wrote about in the Gazette: Protestantism, the possessed women of Loudun, the Loudunais who left for New France; he’s also a surprisingly contemporary figure with all his creations that are still talked about today in terms of both social and cultural life (Prix Renaudot).

Terra Aventura in Loudun: how the past remembers us in the 21st century!

The grapes of madness



1 km through a village that played an important role in the 100 Years’ War and still boasts a proud keep, troglodytic dwellings that add undeniable charm, a vineyard conservatory as we’re at the heart of a vineyard route and the Poï’z Zalambic, which awaits you nestled not far from a breathtaking view!


Fondor loses the pedals



After the opening of 3 routes: Loudun, Moncontour and Curçay-sur-Dive, a new experience appears in 2021 in the Loudunais region. Since June 26, 2021, a unique bike route has been on offer between Guesnes and Monts-sur-Guesnes.
To be enjoyed with family or friends, this 14km route, lasting over 3 hours, will allow you to discover the Scévolles forest with Fondor’s legend: “Fondor loses the pedals” and collect this new poï’z: Ziclou!

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