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16 signposted trails reveal their secrets: a little hidden heritage and a wealth of preserved nature through its flora and fauna.

Evade to the heart of the Loudunaise countryside

L'Odyssée Blanche Loudunaise

In Loudunais, more than 500 springs are listed. These springs have a long history. The Gauls used to hold processions here, invoking the pagan gods: Belenos, Apollo, the Martes, Jupiters, Taranis or even Lug, Mercury, to revive the miracle of the appearance of water.

Did you know?One of these major conjunctions was the night of St. John, during which villagers paid tribute to the regenerative waters by dancing around bonfires. In 2010, the Communauté de Communes du Pays Loudunais launched the “L’Odyssée Blanche” operation, which consists of rehabilitating certain springs in the public domain.


A rally to discover the town of Loudun, its history and illustrious characters

Get your teams together and set off on a walking tour of the town. During this 1h30 walk, you’ll be guided by the ghost of Urbain Grandier. But to be on the safe side, a map will be provided to help you follow an itinerary marked out with questions and riddles to solve. You’ll need a good sense of observation and a bit of logic, and at the end of the walk, you’ll be rewarded with a surprise.

This rally is free of charge, and you can follow it thanks to a booklet handed out at the start at the Pays Loudunais Tourist Office.

Bike rental

For vacationers who want to forget about the car for a few days, we offer bike rentals for young and old.

Let yourself be guided by an authentic, preserved heritage to the rhythm of nature.

Go and discover our trails and circuits that welcome you for an exploration of our rich territory.

Adult and classic electric-assist bikes as well as children’s bikes are at your disposal with all the necessary safety equipment.

My eco-gestures

Respect for the playground lent to me by nature

In your turn, during your vacation, adopt eco-responsible gestures!

  • I continue to sort my waste
  • I consume local products from agriculture and crafts
  • I favor soft travel: walking, cycling…
  • I respect the natural environment, I don’t leave cigarette butts and garbage on the ground
  • I follow the marked trails
  • I help keep the sites clean
  • I walk on the trails, I observe the flora but don’t pick the flowers
  • When picnicking or hiking, I prefer water bottles to bottles and cans
  • When walking or hiking, I don’t light fires