Les Sentes de Fondoire

Les Sentes De FondoireLes Sentes De Fondoire
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Guesnes pond

The Guesnes pond reveals itself to the walker in its forest attire. Depending on the season, draped in golden foliage or enveloped in springtime green, it attracts nature lovers for bucolic wanderings. Happy are those who can enjoy the idyllic setting of the fishing pond and its welcoming banks: picnic areas, forest cabins, sensory trails, aquatic plant pond and various games…

Les Sentes de Fondoire

Starting from the Etang de Guesnes, the Sentes de Fondoire are three walking trails in the heart of the Scévolles massif.

Three hiking trails to discover

Sente de la Source – 1,350 meters

With its profiling in local limestone, its facilities adapted for people with reduced mobility and families with small children, the Sente de la Source is unique in the region. Whether you’re young or old, young or old, the Sente de la Source is for everyone.

Sente des Mares – 2,150 meters

More complete than the Sente de la Source, the Sente des Mares lets you enjoy the wetlands of the Fondoire site, with highlights including the orchid meadows, the Briandes ponds, the aquatic plant pond and views of the beautiful fishing pond in its green setting. Follow the intoxicating flight of dragonflies without further ado!

Sente des Acacias – 5,000 meters

Cross pine forests, oak groves and other acacia groves, summoning the beneficent sylves, the Sente des Acacias offers an immersion in the magical and mysterious world of the forest. At the end of these encounters with the spirit of the place, you’ll be overwhelmed by so many revelations!


Trunk sculptures have been invited to the Sentes de Fondoire with the aim of creating powerful works in connection with the forest environment. The artistic performance offers a result that is sometimes disconcerting, even humorous, and it adds majesty and dreaminess to a walk that will never end to surprise you.

A magical place

Along the Sentes, in the heart of ancestral woods, unforgettable encounters will give your walk magical moments. In Fondoire, the enchanted and mysterious world of the forest is revealed to you.

Facilities for the whole family

Les cabanes de Fondoire

La cabane des Lutins or la turne des Acadiens: these are good reasons to discover Fondoire. Brimming with a thousand ideas, created by local people, these eight huts scattered along the Sentes will enchant you with their ingenuity. You can play, tinker, lounge: in short, you can have a good time here!

Les jeux de Fondoire

With happy hearts, they discover footbridges and wooden huts. They gape at so many swings, king’s throne. With breathless hearts, they marvel at Fondor and the giant mushrooms, and enjoy the goose game. Here at Fondoire, children are kings.

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