Pont De La Reine Blanche Curçay Sur Dive Shooting July 2019 (14)Pont De La Reine Blanche Curçay Sur Dive Shooting July 2019 (14)
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Les Trois-Moutiers

Land of delicacies

The Trois-Moutiers area, bordering the Maine-et-Loire department, benefits from the influence of the Anjou region. The limestone subsoil is ideal for winegrowing (AOP Saumur), and has been used as tuff stone in the construction of many grand residences and châteaux.

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between history and nature

If you love fine stonework, traditional buildings and nature, the Pays Montois is the place for you. A trail guides us through the history of the fortress and the evolution of the village thanks to the development of trade and the arrival of the railroad. A line transformed into a greenway.

Château Monts Sur Guesnes


in the footsteps of Théophraste Renaudot

Let’s discover Théophraste Renaudot. But who is this man? A famous figure, since he was physician to King Louis XIII. But above all, he was the inventor of the “Gazette”. Follow in the footsteps of this philanthropic man of the 17th e.

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from the washhouses to the keep

Visit the town between water and land. Discover the rich history of Moncontour. Why were there more than 100 washhouses in the 19th century? Why is there a defense tower here?

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du pays loudunais

Let’s share the secrets of the Pays Loudunais (ideas for outings, events, history, heritage…)#TourismeLoudunais#PaysLoudunais

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